Multivitamin, Iron & Iodine

Ovron is a Multivitamin Capsule enriched with Folic Acid, Vitamin B complex, Iron, Iodine, Vitamin C & D.

The elemental iron content in Ovron is equivalent to 45mg. Iron caters to the increased demand of Hemoglobin production and provide immunity against diseases. Also helps in minimizing iron deficiency during pregnancy & lactation. (Iron deficiency increases maternal mortality & low birth weight infants)

The 1mg of Folic acid content in Ovron supports the growth & development of the fetus during pregnancy and reduces the risk of Neural Tube Defects (NTD)

Iodine helps secrete Thyroid Hormone, which supports in healthy development & function of;

  • Brain & Central Nervous System
  • Heart
  • Muscles
  • Bones & Skeletal System
  • Immune System

Vitamin B Complex helps improving the metabolism & energy levels in the body.

Vitamin C assists in increasing Iron absorption and strengthen the immunity system.

Vitamin D aids in regulating Calcium which results in a healthy skeletal system.

  • Pack Size 30 Capsules Pack
    300 Capsules Pack
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During pregnancy & lactation to serve the increased nutritional demands caused by physiological stress and lack of balanced diet.

Iron and folic acid are recognized as haemopoietic agents which aid in the prevention of anaemia which sometimes occur during pregnancy.

As a general multivitamin supplement to maintain proper health & wellbeing.

To treat Iron, Folic acid, Iodine and other vitamin deficiency conditions prophylactically and therapeutically.

One capsule daily or as directed by the physician