Becosules Capsules

Vit. B Complex & Vit. C, CoQ10

Becosules is a B Complex Vitamin brand enriched with Vitamin C & CoQ10.

Each Becosules Capsule Contains,

  • Vitamin B1 USP 50mg
  • Vitamin B2 USP 25mg
  • Vitamin B6 USP 10mg
  • Vitamin B12 USP 15mcg
  • Niacinamide USP 100mg
  • Calcium pantothenate USP 25mg
  • Folic acid USP 1mg
  • Vitamin C USP 150mg
  • CoQ10 Ph.Eur. 5mg

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  • Pack Size 300 Capsules
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  • Boost body’s immune system
    • Vitamin C & CoQ10 has antioxidant properties, which strengthens body’s immune function.
  • Elevate the energy levels.
  • Regulate proper metabolism.
  • Relieve stress and improve overall mood
  • To prevent Cardio Vascular diseases;
    • Vitamin B6,B9, B12 helps in controlling in the Homocysteine levels in the blood stream.
    • CoQ10 improves heart function, increases ATP productions & limit oxidative damage
  • For a healthy Nervous System;
    • Vitamin B12 helps to prevent diabetic neuropathy and acts as a co-enzyme required for the synthesis & maintenance of Myelin.
  • For improved Cognitive Functions;
    • Vitamin B12 helps in proper functioning & development of the brain and also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia & Depression.
    • CoQ10 protects the brain cells from oxidative damage, improves memory, cognition & physical functions.
  • Vitamin B9 helps in the synthesis of DNA & RNA required for the growth and reproduction of all body cells.


  • Becosules is indicated for supportive nutritional supplementation in conditions in which the B-complex vitamin, vitamin C and CoQ10 are required. (Vitamin deficiencies may be associated with restricted diets, improper food intake, decreased absorption and prolonged stress, infections or chronic fevers, following burns and trauma)


  • Vitamin supplementations may be necessary for those on:
    • Unusual diets, on reducing diets with drastically reduced food selection
    • Those with diabetes mellitus
    • Those with hepatobiliary tract disease
    • Those recovering from surgery and in convalescence.
    • CoQ10 supplementation may be necessary for those who are on statins


One capsule daily or as directed by the physician