Protinex Gold

Protinex gold is a high caloric nutrition formula developed to meet the higher daily energy needs of active kids and teens. Protinex gold is packed with extra carbohydrates, and vitamins that play a significant role in energy production pathways, and vital vitamins & minerals for growing bones and muscles.

  • Package 400g Tin
  • Scoop Size 20g (included in the Tin)
  • Flavour Malt & Chocolate mixed flavour
  • Shelf Life 18 months
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As a product designed for an active lifestyle, Protinex Gold is formulated to provide additional calories from carbs. Further, the supply of adequate Carbs for active individuals ensures that protein is saved for its primary purpose.

Optimum amounts of protein and Calcium content of Protinex Gold ideally matches the nutritional needs of bones and muscles of growing kids and teens.

Active individuals need to maintain their energy production process efficiently, and an adequate supply of  B complex vitamins and vital minerals optimize this process. To meet this need, Protinex Gold is formulated incorporating these vitamins and minerals.

Protinex Gold is an INSTANT FORMULA  that can easily be instantly prepared by just mixing or shaking with water

  • Active kids
  • Teenagers
  • Meal skippers
  • Fussy and picky eaters

Sugar, Full Cream Milk Powder, Protein Hydrolysate, Skim Milk  Powder, Malt Extract, Chocolate Flavour, Vitamins, and Minerals.

Add 2 leveled scoops (40g) of Protinex Gold powder to a glass/container. Measure 180ml of lukewarm water and add a small amount to the powder and stir well to make a smooth paste.  Top up with the remaining water and mix well to prepare a 200ml delicious food drink. Add a few ice cubes if needed to serve as a chilled preparation.