About Us

Our Values

We value the contribution of people to the success of the company, in particular our employees, customers, medical professionals, regulators, industry and business associates.

We value the environment and its sustainability in which we carry out our operations.

We value high standards of business ethics, integrity, trust, fairness and equitability.

We believe that team work is a necessity for success, yet individuals should be empowered and trusted to do what is right. However with trust comes responsibility and accountability.

We believe in training and developing our employees so that they will be able to contribute more effectively to the Company and Society.

We believe that people should be treated with dignity and respect.

We believe in providing quality, safe and efficacious healthcare products.

We believe in striving for excellence and simplicity in all we do.

We believe in welcoming change and understand that change and our ability to accept and adapt to change, create opportunities for a more successful Company.

We believe in carrying out our business in a socially responsible manner contributing to the wellbeing of society.

We believe that all stakeholders should be adequately rewarded and compensated for their contribution towards the success of the company.