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Our History

The Company was incorporated in 1956 creating a milestone in the healthcare industry by setting up the first pharmaceutical and veterinary products manufacturing facility in the country. 

In 1993 the Company created history in the corporate sector in Sri Lanka by carrying out the first leveraged management buyout of a Company.

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The company was established in 1956 by Dumex, a Danish Multinational Company, who set up the pioneer pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka.


Pfizer Corporation USA acquired the majority shareholding in the company. For the next 5 years, Pfizer operated and managed the company under the name of Pfizer Dumex Ltd.


Pfizer Corporation USA changed the name of the company to Pfizer Ltd. Pfizer continued to operate and manage the company until 1993, when it divested its shareholding in the company.

1993 to the Present

The majority shareholding in the company was acquired by the current owners under a leveraged management buyout. The company’s name was thereafter changed to Astron Ltd.

From 2010

Astron launched its Nutrition business as a separate SBU, increasing the company's Nutrition portfolio further.

From 2015

Astron launched a new range of herbal medicine, under the brand "Healing Herbs" created using natural products combining the ancient herbal wisdom with the latest innovations in modern science.