Research and Development

Astron Limited is engaged in research and development since its origin. Astron develops pharmaceuticals, consumer products, Nutraceuticals and animal healthcare products in the form of tablets, capsules, liquids, powders, creams and ointments. Astron is committed to launch quality and cost effective new products in the future to improve the overall quality of life.

The testing laboratory is a subdivision of the Quality Operations Division of Astron. This is a well-equipped laboratory which has Chemical, Microbiology and R & D labs. It employs highly motivated multidisciplined employees who are experts in testing, verification and inspection of products manufactured at Astron. They are also committed to ensure products meet quality, safety and efficacy.

Astron testing laboratory is accredited for Biological Testing of Water, milk products and pharmaceutical liquid preparations and chemical and mechanical testing on pharmaceutical tablet preparations, as described in ISO/IEC 17025:, ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 certified by Sri Lanka Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment.