Astron Pharmaceuticals

The major share of Astron business is currently in the local development, manufacture and marketing of several major pharmaceutical therapeutic groups in a variety of dosage forms, strengths and pack sizes. All these products are marketed under the Astron logo.

The therapeutic groups manufactured locally comprise of vitamins and minerals, antitussives, bronchodilators, antibiotics, anthelmintics, antihistamines, analgesics, antipyretics, anti-acne agents, anti-fungal agents, anti-diabetics, anti-hypertensives, lipid regulators and corticosteroids.

Astron Consumer

The consumer division of Astron, offers consumers nutrition solutions that meet the highest manufacturing standards acknowledged the world over. We specialize in the manufacturing of disease specific medical nutrition solutions using the finest quality raw materials sourced internationally, that meet the different nutrition requirements of a variety of individuals.

Furthermore, Astron Consumer division is committed to add life & vitality to many individuals through the provision of a wide array of products targeting the geriatric, active adults, adolescents, children, sports persons and even the health and beauty conscious.

Quality, safety, efficacy & innovation through research are a few core values of the division and we always strive to live upto our values through the many manifestations of our activities & through all of our functions. At Astron consumer we not only enhance the quality of life of our consumers, but also help them live a more meaningful life that is productive, rewarding and full of life.

Astron Animal Health

Astron Animal Health is a rapidly growing section in the company expanding into various segments of the veterinary business in Sri Lanka. Astron Animal Health products consists of locally manufactured and imported formulations.

Locally manufactured animal health products are primarily for the poultry and cattle industries. The well established and known brands marketed by Astron Animal Health are Layer Premix B, Starter Premix B, Aminol, Vita-Stress, Layer Premix C, Neo-Tetra, Poultry B and Sulfaquinoxaline.

Astron also imports and markets a wide range of veterinary pharmaceutical products from Dutch Farm International - Netherlands.