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Welcome to Astron

Astron Limited is a fully Sri Lankan owned company which develops, manufactures, imports and markets quality healthcare products. The company was incorporated in 1956 creating a milestone in the pharmaceutical industry by setting up the first pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the country.
Astron completes its 59th year of operations in 2015. Over the years the company has progressed to be one of the most reliable healthcare companies in the country, winning respect and admiration of consumers and all other stakeholders.

News & Events
Astron Limited celebrates its 60th Anniversary this year

Astron Limited which was established in 1956 will be completing 60 years in operation this year. In 1956, the Company was known as Dumex Ltd and since then the Company has passed many significant milestones. Since 1993, the Company has been under Sri Lankan ownership and management and the Company has been an important organization which has contributed to the Sri Lankan economy ....